Ever since riding in a trash truck with his uncle to combat summertime boredom, our father, John Murray dreamed of owning his own company. Once he was old enough, he went to work for the same company he had been riding with since the age of 13. Always searching for ways to improve the company; he obtained his CDL, began growing routes, and learned all mechanical aspects of the trash trucks. Realizing he had peaked in his quest for learning, he and our mother launched their own business, ASAP Waste.

Dad’s vision centered on the development of a personalized trash service that could be tailored to meet the needs of individuals, subdivisions, and business owners. Using a small, 6-yard, side-load trash truck, Mom and Dad built their routes with good old-fashioned neighborhood canvassing and word of mouth. ASAP Waste grew, more trucks were added and more services were added such as commercial dumpsters. As his health began declining, Dad sold the commercial component of the business but continued servicing his residential routes.

In January of 2016 our father passed away. Looking into the faces of his employees, who are long-time friends of our father, we decided to step up and carry on Dad’s dream. We incorporated ASAP Waste and continued servicing customers in the same tradition.

To date we have upgraded the record-keeping system, expanded the routes, expanded the customer base by 45% in one year, and set out into the wonderful world of digital marketing. We set our prices to being competitive in our industry and our services according to the needs of our customers. For example, we have received a number of requests to open a commercial division where we could offer metal dumpsters to local businesses as well as the larger “roll-off” containers for demolition materials. At this time we are considering both and hope to launch a commercial division sometime in 2018.